The Guilds

Ten guilds control the plane of Ravnica, a tenuous alliance between them holding it back from all-out war.

The Azorius Senate

The Azorius guild is primarily the law-making and judiciary part of Ravnica. Headquartered in New Prahv, they write the laws for the entire plane, hold court to determine the fate of those accused of breaking them, and build the jails that house those found guilty.

The Azorius were founded by the Azor, a planeswalker sphinx who is also responsible for writing the original Guildpact. They are currently run by Isperia, an ancient and wise sphinx judge.

Lately, the Azorius have begun expanding their prisons and utilizing more precognitive mages to arrest suspects before crimes are committed, in order, they hope, to prevent whatever cataclysm they predict on the horizon.

The Boros Legion

The Boros are the police and military arm of Ravnica. They believe in order by force and go about quelling riots and arresting those who break the law in hope of maintaining peace.

The Boros were founded by Razia, a militant, flaming archangel, and are currently run by the war angel Aurelius.

Currently, the Boros are stretched thin as disorder and mistrust spreads across the plane.

House Dimir

The Dimir are the spy and subterfuge arm of Ravnica. Nobody on the plane (including most of the House itself) knows how many agents it has, or who they are.

The Dimir were founded by Szadek, a psychic vampire and the last of his kind. They are currently under the control of the shapeshifter Lazav.

As tensions raise, the Dimir are hard at work, attempting to determine what the threat to Ravnica is and who is under its influence.

The Golgari Swarm

The Golgari are responsible for eliminating the waste of Ravnica, as well as producing food for its many citizens. They do so by raising nutritious fungi as composters of the organic waste.

The Golgari were founded by the god-zombie necromancer Svogthir, and are currently at the behest of the elf lich Jarad.

As the rest of Ravnica braces for civil war, the Golgari are facing their own internal strife, with other races rising up against the devarkin who have run the guild for many years.

The Gruul Clans

The Gruul destroy whatever they can, ultimately ensuring that space is reserved for only the most stable, defended, and utilized structures.

Though they aren't so much of a guild as a loose collection of clans who mutually delight in destruction, the Gruul part of the Guildpact was signed by the cyclopean giant Cisarzim and is currently under the banner of his ancestor Borborygmos.

The Gruul have been reveling in the opportunity for increased rioting, believing the prophecy of the End Raze is finally upon them, when the Raze Boar will arrive to flatten the entire city-plane.

The Izzet League

The Izzet are the scientists and public facilities providers of Ravnica. Their inventions provide power and sanitation to the plane, as well as the occasional armaments, armor, and other tools.

The Izzet were founded by the ancient dragon-genius Niv-Mizzet, who continues to guide the guild's experimentation.

Niv-Mizzet's latest project has caused decreasing safety precautions and increasing funding to researchers across the guild.

The Orzhov Syndicate

The Orzhov are the church and bank of the plane. The faithful can borrow money at extortion rates, and can try to secure a better afterlife through generous oblation.

The Orzhov were founded by a council of wealthy ghosts known collectively as the Obzedat. Though many individual members have changed, the Obzedat still runs the guild.

Tithe requirements and posthumous service contracts have been on the rise throughout the Orzhov, as its members brace for an earlier death.

The Cult of Rakdos

The Rakdos are the entertainers and creative types of Ravnica. Their usually-deadly performances nonetheless attract quite the crowds of bored citizens.

The Rakdos were formed and continue to perform for the great demon Rakdos.

Rebelling against increased Azorius and Boros crackdowns, the Rakdos have been even more frenetic and dangerous in their spectacular shows.

The Selesnya Conclave

The Selesnya provide some food and medical services for Ravnica's people, as well as green spaces, parks, and sanctuaries for its natural beauties.

The Selesnya were founded by Mat-Selesnya, the world-soul of the plane. It is currently guided by Trostani, a dryad trinity who is believed to speak directly on behalf of the world-soul.

Bracing for threats to their sanctuaries, the Selesnya have increased recruiting efforts and the militarization of their people.

The Simic Combine

The Simic control the waters of the plane. They also perform biological experimentation and are responsible for public health and medicine.

The Simic were founded by an unknown person whose name was also Simic. They are currently directed by the merfolk scientist Zegana.

Under rising tensions, the Simic have taken advantage of the distractions to further their questionable research on Krasis production.