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Rolnore Sternbeck Toemore Rack Gunderson

  Rolnore Sternbeck Toemore Rack gunderson. In his early 30’s, Rolnore enlisted in the Toemore militia serving under his Great Uncle Lowgress. It was a simple job, but one that needed doing. For the most part it entailed waiting around, going on short patrols around the mountain, and sometimes going down to old mines then clearing out whatever gobin or ooze had set up home there when the ore ran cold. Occasionally, while they were down there, they would find another vein that the goblins had reopened and would help with rebuilding the supports as the miners came back. As a hobby Rolnore enjoyed engraving. With some simple tools he kept around he would regularly pick up small objects to make intricate patterns and occasionally depictions of dwarves. After a while, his comrades in the militia all sported daggers he had engraved. For his two hundred and fiftieth birthday, Rolnore gifted his great uncle a Dwarven war axe engraved with the symbol of Valkauna and the promise to serve by him