Rolnore Sternbeck Toemore Rack Gunderson

 Rolnore Sternbeck Toemore Rack gunderson.

In his early 30’s, Rolnore enlisted in the Toemore militia serving under his Great Uncle Lowgress. It was a simple job, but one that needed doing. For the most part it entailed waiting around, going on short patrols around the mountain, and sometimes going down to old mines then clearing out whatever gobin or ooze had set up home there when the ore ran cold. Occasionally, while they were down there, they would find another vein that the goblins had reopened and would help with rebuilding the supports as the miners came back.

As a hobby Rolnore enjoyed engraving. With some simple tools he kept around he would regularly pick up small objects to make intricate patterns and occasionally depictions of dwarves. After a while, his comrades in the militia all sported daggers he had engraved. For his two hundred and fiftieth birthday, Rolnore gifted his great uncle a Dwarven war axe engraved with the symbol of Valkauna and the promise to serve by him even after death.

Over the last few decades relations between the dwarves and giants who lived down the range worsened. An uneasy peace had been maintained for a few hundred years after the last war but as their numbers grew Ogers began stealing livestock from the hills around Mt Toemore. The old king attempted a diplomatic solution by speaking with the stone giant tribe that led all other giants in the area but they had no interest in putting an end to the thefts. The last straw was when a shepherd was killed while defending his herd, the giant king’s only response was the dwarf should have left his fock to the oger.

War was declared and soldiers, including Rolnore, were stationed around the mountain. Defending against such physically imposing opponents was extremely difficult and though they could use ballista to drive them back from Mt. Toemore they couldn’t do anything to stop their continued raids. It wasn’t till the temple of Moridin started rapid production of guns and cannons that they could push forward into giant territory.It was a grueling 5 years and many were lost including Lowgress and the old king but eventually the dwarves managed to push the giants out.

A period of restoration followed, The halls of Mt Toemore were expanded into the surrounding mountains, the late kings second son was selected to be the new king, and the mountains were further fortified.

27 years after joining the guard Rolnore left his brothers in arms, feeling at this point his time would be better spent creating than it was protecting. To that end he joined the temple of moradin. For 3 years he worked doing menial labor for the priests, shoveling coal, stoking the flames, grinding alchemical reagents and so forth. When he had breaks he still worked on his engravings doing his best to improve his skills.

Eventually one of the priests noticed his work and offered to induct him as a novice. He was taught the rights of Moradin, the forger of souls, and to work metal himself as Moradin did when creating the dwarves. For years he stood by the fire, pounding ingots into shields, axes, hammers, and tools.

Finally 15 years later he had become a proper smith. With his years of hard work and prayer he was eventually blessed, as so many before him had been, by Moradin as a cleric of the forge. The first thing he did after the ceremony was go back to the forge with a specific design in mind, a dwarven war Hammer. A hardened iron head with a strong shaft, its face was plain but the sides bore the faces of dwarves expertly pressed into the metal, and the reverse held a large cross spike for piercing armor. He smiled, satisfied with his work, setting it aside to work on his next piece.

30 years later a group of humans came to Mt. Toemore and Rolnore saw their equipment, a dented breastplate made of tin, a sword so dull he doubted it could cut cheese, and an axe with a head so wobbly it seemed as likely to fall off as not when swung. Not sure whether to laugh at the absurdity or cry at the misuse of metal Rolnore approached them. He roughly inquired as to the origins of their gear and after some prodding convinced them to have him make proper weapons.

Having learned of the tragic state of the metal work in some places down the mountain Rolnore set off on a journey, determined to build a proper dwarven forge. There he could create wonders unseen by man and make a great profit as well.

Book of grudges:

Stone giant king, for declaring war on his people and leading to the deaths of his great uncle and many others

His half brother Ferrum, for stealing his best axe after a fight over the meaning of his oath to their Uncle Lowgress


3 halfling merchants who stole 40 lbs of silver from the temple of moridin

Paladin order, continued slights and harassment

Bard, stole omens cursed doll, possibly a person

Additional notes:

Was left the Valkauna axe by his uncle upon his death, later stolen by his half brother

The new king is his second cousin once removed

Blunderbuss is military issue but has since been engraved with scenes of dwarves marching down a mountain, firing guns off at an unseen enemy

Alchemy became a significant part of the temple of moridin during the expansion of the use of black powder weapons

Would never admit it but he respects Laduguer for his efficiency