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Session 3 (March 16th, 2019)

Previously on Sticker kills rocks Sticker pushes him out of the grip of the now awake Thrull, and decapitates it, sending the head flying across the room." While looking at Vaa he screams "WE DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THAT" And proceeds to race around the corner, jumping on the back of one Guard, killing him with his dagger to the back of the throat, then slicing at the other guard with his trident but missing. It is past time for all of us to pack up and go home, so we speed run the next round, where the guard gets a lucky initiative, hits Sticker for 6 damage, then Sticker finishes him off by gutting the guy. Bucklechops manages to come back to his senses with 1 hp. Sticker is at like 9 health out of 25. He’s not feeling great. Izolda has been trapped in a room doing who knows what. We killed some guards. We’re all out of spells. Varus tried to find an alternate way out but rolled a critical fail and picked a door with nothing behind it. but nothing bad happened besi

Varus wants cockroach slaves real bad

I am exhausted and disturbed by all the psycho undead nonsense and want my goddamn slave army asap.

Session 2 (March 2nd , 2019)

I arrived about an hour late because of reasons. I walk in, and meet Noah, who's new, has a character named Varus, a Golgari Elf Rogue. I’ve done my best to ret con him into the story of the first session to the best of my ability. When I arrive, Sticker makes it in the front door of the basilica in time to see Varus go down from a critical hit from a gargoyle . There are two of them. Apparently when anyone who isn't allowed crosses their line of sight, they animate and investigate, and our rogue missed his passive spot check and got got. Bucklechops, our fearless sadistic bard, has decided to play some music to distract all the people in the room, probably while the rogue tried to sneak in. Our Izzet Vedalken Wizard, Vaa, as Sticker calls him, has decided to never fight unless he thinks he has to and is currently standing stoically off to the side, also somewhat alarmed that Varus has gone down. So Sticker does exactly what a fearless Gruul Goblin Barbarian would do. He

Incident Transcript

Danica Banich: How is the heart responding to the infusion? Arcturus Keter Xadric: Its stable. But it cant maintain its own magic, let alone generate it. I'd suggest we add more heliotrope capacitors and shielding. Ivan Maladis: That's stupid! If we add more shielding there's no point to adding the extra capacitors, the increased resistance will cancel out any extra power that can be stored! Arcturus: Not necessarily, if we swap the Mizzium wires with diamond cables the magic should be able to bypass the shielding while still maintaining a manageable temperature. Ivan: Seriously?! If you remove the Mizzium the weird would have almost no control over its form! Danica: While that's true were not looking to perfect it now Ivan, we just need it to work. Make the adjustments. We can figure out how to balance it later. Ivan: (Idiots, I should be in charge, it's my design) Danica: What was that? Ivan: Nothing miss, just doing what you said. Danica: Good,

Session 1 (February 16th, 2019)

Sticker is a Gruul Goblin Berserker (Barbarian) of the Gravel Hide Clan. He's short for a Goblin, with good looking hair and a fierce disposition. He carries his trusty dagger that he made while being raised amongst the Gravel Hide. While not overly smart or adept at making good choices, he’s always had a knack for knowing what to do in a fight. He is so good at fighting in fact, that Sticker’s mentor in his clan stubbornly believes he could be the best fighter in the entire clan. This despite an influential shaman in the Gravel Hide being convinced a foretelling shows Sticker’s Rival having a destiny to fulfill. Sticker has a dark secret though, that he doesn’t feel like he can share with his clan. He doesn’t have a deep, boiling rage within him. Recently, Sticker came upon a Simic Biomancer who was illegally experimenting on animals and killed him. It was the first time he felt uncontrollable rage, upon seeing the deep brutality of impassive science. He took the Biomancer’s s