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Arcturus' journal part 1

Due to the chaotic nature of the past few hours I feel the need to commit them to paper in order to make sense of them. After the destruction of the first prototype of project Eather heart, the Azorius arrived and arrested me for damaging to public property. This persisted despite my attempts to explain to them that Ivan was in fact responsible for his failure to first add proper shielding and second cease the transfusion of power to the heart when prompted. Shortly after the arrest I was taken to an Azorius courthouse where they were trying people for precrimes. I then attempted to explain that the incident was not my fault and that my crime had already occurred and thus was not a precrime I was convicted. However, rather than being sent to prison I was taken to a room with several other recent convicts. There we were introduced to a Vadalken named Dalid, who explained that the Azorius was in a rather difficult position at the moment. From his explanation and what I could pu

Galic's history (next character probably)

Galic Chaotic Evil goblin, 3ft 8in, 65lbs Rakdos scar artist preforms satirical comedy  pension for pranks Believes vampires are just anyone who drinks blood Always wants to one up his last performance One day, while skulking through a warehouse of goods confiscated by the Azorius, Galic found a powerful magic sword. It was Agiel, a rapier with a great demon trapped inside of it. Thinking it was a particularly nice blade he picked it up and felt a swell of blood lust consume him. He then went and attacked one of the guards he had previously snuck past. The battle was wonderful ending with blood everywhere and Galic rolling on the ground laughing. Then, while Galic was collecting himself, another guard who had heard the fighting came around the corner and shot him in the back. Enraged Galic shouted words he didn't know and hellfire spewed from the Agiel incinerating the guard instantly. Galic looked down at his new weapon, he was not particularly smart, but he knew magic

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