Going for a walk #1

Galic was bored. After Tim had hired him to find out more about the Nephsomethings he sat in the burning barrel for almost an hour, talking to anyone that looked suspicious. That had gotten him nowhere and he was sick of it.
"I don't have to take this, I'm going for a walk"
Galic headed over to Whitestone to see if he could stir up a bit of trouble. While passing through a back alley he noticed some weird men in black robes. They were whispering about some politician Galic had never heard of. Probably the Dimir, they were never interesting, scurrying about in the shadows, you could never figure out what was supposed to be happening. Suddenly, all three of them looked at the main street. A human in blue robes walked by the alley and two of the Dimir faded into the shadows the third, drawing a blade.
Galic thought he actually understood this one. The guy who had walked by was the politician and these guys were planning on killing him. Not a bad idea by itself, but they would make it boring. Galic decided he would spice things up a bit. He pulled out Agiel and pointed it toward the assassin to hex him, then casually followed the assassin up the street.
The assassin stalked the politician for a while before finally making his move, he grabbed is prey by the shoulder and aimed to bring his blade down into his heart. He missed, badly. The force with which he attacked causing the assassin to fall on top of the politician. Realizing his mistake the assassin frantically tried to kill the man before anyone noticed, stabbing him several times but none of them seemed to hit vital organs. The politician started screaming of course, attracting the attention of several arresters.
The assassin ran being chased by several guards. He tried to dart into an alley but tripped and fell just past the entrance. He rolled onto his back, prepared to face the guards. Then he heard them run past him, he didn't see them because somehow he had found himself inside of a crate. He was sure it hadn't been there a moment ago, he waited a moment till he could no longer hear the guards and then he tried to push off the top of the crate. Surprisingly his hands passed right through it, it was an illusion.
Completely bewildered by what had happened the assassin took off his cloak and walked out onto the street. He saw the politician bleeding badly surrounded by more guards, he saw several people gossiping fearfully, and he saw one goblin laughing his ass off a bit away from where he had started. He decided that his mark would probably bleed out and if he didn't he would try again later, he needed to figure out what had happened.
Galic was ecstatic, his prank had gone far better than he had imagined. He had bamboozled not only the assassin but also 8 arresters. Putting an illusionary crate around the fallen assassin had been a last minute decision but definitely a good one. His trick done Galic headed back to the burning barrel, he was thirsty.