Galic gets lunch

Galic was very happy. He had just had a great performance. The new sword was helping a lot, it did magic for him when he thought at it. But the sword was hungry, Galic didn't know how he knew that, he just did.
He took the sword out to eat, they went to a bar that he heard had very filling meals.
Their server was a pretentious high elf in a fancy shirt that kept changing colors. After Galic ate he was full but the sword clearly wasn't interested in the food. It was annoyed, food was so close but it couldn't eat it. It's annoyance made Galic annoyed too, if they had sword food why didn't they bring it out?
Galic demanded the elf bring him the sword food, but he acted like he didn't understand. The food was so close though, the sword could feel it, the people who made the food would have to know where it was.
Angered by they're refusal to give him what he wanted he stabbed the elf.
That's when he felt it, the sword was eating. Not the elf, his shirt. As the elf blead his shirts color drained till it was a dull brown. Galic didn't fully understand but he new the sword was happy and it made him happy too, was the shirt sword food? He demanded everyone else in the bar give him their shirts but none of the other clothes gave a reaction. It didn't matter, he'd figure it out soon